Let's save our Croatia with prayer

Let's save our Croatia with prayer

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Written by: Vlč. Dražen Radigović


Can a prayer be so strong to bring a whole country out of a crisis and deep problems? It can be! And it can be a lot stronger too!

We witness a deep crisis our Croatia is going through: political, economic, moral, social and spiritual crisis. We thought everything would be easier when we achieved our independence – when we were on our own, the lords of our earth. But still, it was not so. After the unity we experienced in our Homeland War, the Croats are split and divided again, mostly politically and where the people are split, the enemy wins easily and the nation collapses. It becomes enslaved. We would not like the history to be repeated again, after so much effort, troubles and blood shed forthe freedom of our country.

I often say that we are not fighting against the humans, against „flesh and blood“, as St Paul says in the 6th chapter of the epistle to the Ephesians, but against evil spirits who use weak people to attack and injure us with. There is only one way we can fight the Devil and it is prayer! One enemy was defeated in our Homeland War: the Devil who used the Serbia and JNA (Yugoslav National Army) to make us its opressed people. Prayer was the weapon that brought us victory. There is the second war in front of us, I think, worse than the first one because the same Devil comes in another package, more cunningly and insidiously: to captivate us from the inside! It does that by trying to destabilize and demoralize our country, through godless laws, crime, selling of our Croatian land and Croatian companies, media who do mischief, political intrigues, corrupted judiciary, mafia, immorality and susceptibility to the big european countries at any cost. All of these are the ways the Devil wants to enslave us with. That is why it is necessary to raise the whole nation to pray. I believe that only through prayer God can save and preserve us.

We should ask ourselves how often have we criticised our government and how much have we prayed for them? Let us rather pray for the ones who sit in the govrnment instead of criticising them! Critics will not achieve nor change anything, prayer will! Thus the prayer results to be a better solution!


Prayer brings victory, makes changes, changes history


Why is it important to fight using a prayer? It is important because it is the only way to win this spiritual war. But not only this. It is because other weapons make our enemies into corpses. Only this weapon – the prayer – can turn our enemies into our friends. Some people think that the prayer is a work in vain. But it is not in vain because it releases the God's almighty power into our life. Thus those problems that cannot be solved by our limited manpower, can be solved by prayer!

That is why it is crucial to understand the importance of prayer. It is important to start to believe in the power of the prayer!

The experience strongly shows that the prayer can change not only the fate of a life or of a whole family, but the history of a place and even of a whole nation too. That is why the prayer is so important: because it is so strong! We could say that it has almost got the almighty power. Professor T. Ivacic nicely said that the prayer is as strong as God himself.

Somebody might ask: „If a prayer can save our country and the world, why then the believers' prayers have not done it yet? It is because their thoughts were the ditch when we needed the torrent. The world today is a result of the overall thinking and spiritual power that fight for supremacy. Unfortunately up to now there were less people who worked and planned with God than those who acted contrary to God's will. Hundreds of people prayed when we needed hundreds of thousands! People prayed for a few minutes a week when they had to pray for a whole week, whole year „without stopping“ (1 Thessalonians 5,17). Prayer can do more for our country and the world than going to the Ban's palace, Pantovcak, White house, London or Kremlin in Moscow, to tell those people there they should work – incomparably more! If they answered our suggestions, we would probably be more or less wrong. But the thing God will tell them when they answer Him, would be the right thing. It is a lot better that the leaders of our nation and the world leaders answer God than us. This is why prayer is important!

When God wants to make great conversions and bring great changes into some parishes, towns or countries, when He wants to perform revivals and do miracles, He will first raise the worshipers. Nothing happens without a prayer. Where there is no prayer – there is no God's power, no God's supernatural action.

Our days examples: Čazma

Using the exaple of Čazma where I was the pastor from 1999 ro 2002, I want to show you how prayer works strongly and really changes – not only the individual lives, marriages and families, but brings miracles, healings and conversions and changes the whole place.

In the former Yugoslavia Čazma was a communist place. They used to call it „little Moscow“. It was not better after the independence of a young Croatian country. When I came to Čazma as a pastor in 1999, Čazma was standing poorly both materially and spiritually. I knew that we can change the spiritual climate and start God's hand to bring the changes to our small town using a prayer. After some time and two spiritual retreats we raised the people to pray in house praying groups. At one time, in 2000 we had 20 house praying groups which included around 200 people! Imagine this spiritual strength – of 200 worshipers! It had to shake the spiritual spaces above that town vigorously. Of course the fruits of it were shown. The people converted daily, started to come to church, unwed couples got married, families revived, people were healed every day. Thus in that parish, where at the beginning only a hundred people participated in the Sunday Mass, around 400 people started to come regularly to the Sunday Mass. And not only this. In 2000 charismatic meetings started to be held there and they soon became so popular that the church became too small to receive all those people who came there – because more than 3000 people came. Really that „country“ that once was thirsty, as the Prophet Isaiah picturesquely says in the 35th chapter of his book, became the water source, which is to say the source of many graces for thousands of people who came and found faith, comfort, strength, met God, experienced rescue, healing and the solution not only for domestic family problems but of other problems too. It has to be mentioned that the material restoration comes along with the spiritual restoration. People started to build and restore all around. Today Čazma is almost unrecognizible in comparison with what it was in 1999, when it all started. How and when did it start? It started when the people started to pray.


Father Rufus' example

I will never foget father Rufus' testimony.  He travelled through Madagascar together with a bishop through the whole diocese with a goal to raise prayer teams that would pray for the restoration of their diocese and their whole country in all parishes. Great crime, prostitution and drug problems ruled in that country then. The country allocated considerable resources to fight crime, dugs and prostitution during 10 years but it did not help. There were no results! Not only that the percentage decreased, but it increased for 2 or 3 percent. That is why father Rufus and the bishop decided to raise people to pray in all parishes – through prayer teams and family prayer. The result? The figures showed that afterwards, in only 2 years, the crime, prostitution and drug problems decreased for the incredible 80%!! How miraculous is the power of prayer! Because through it God heals the hearts of the people and healthy people build healthy society! What a lot of money can be saved with such an approach – money for useful and necessary things! The prayer really has the almighty power!


Homeland War experience


When I write about that I cannot but remember the Homeland War experience! No, we would not have won that war with guns, nor mind, nor human strategy! When the whole world was against us, when no one wanted an independent and free Croatian country, when JNA (Yugoslav National Army) came towards us with the strongest weapons and our soldiers were almost unarmed, it was clear to us: if God does not come to help us, if He does not help us, we will be crushed and destroyed. Everybody was aware of that. And this is why people in our country started to pray. As it was almost never in its history did Croatian people raise to pray as in that moment. A lot of families prayed and invoked God to protect and save us. Young men on the battlefields wore the rosaries around their necks thus connecting themselves with the people who prayed and opened to God's almighty power that was set free through the prayers of almost a million people! And God's power came and did wonders! We won when nobody expected us to win. No time before that were the Croats so united as then! Such is our God: almighty. We give Him space in our lives through prayers.


Why did we stop praying?

But then we did a great mistake! We stopped praying. We won the war, we won and thought: that is that. That was what we needed and wanted! We stopped when it was the most necessary to continue praying: when our Croatia did the first steps into the democracy and conversion of property, when it opened and connected with the world and then numerous frauds and injustices happened. This is the reason we have the government crisis, political crisis, cultural crisis and moral crisis! Everything that was rebuilt and restored after the war was done along with suspicious actions, along with money laundering, fraud and crime. Moral is at a very low level. Oh how wounded our homeland is! How badly does our nation need restoration! And everything is only because we stopped praying. What happened to us was the exact thing that would have happened to Israel if Moses had stopped praying: we would have lost the war! Thus it is very important to persevere in prayer – till the end, until we win. There is a way to come out of the crisis! There is a way to save our country! And it is in God!

A call to pray for our Croatia


Prayer is necessary to the service of God as a magnificent peak. It is possible only if the priest and the people believe that each prayer coming from the heart immediately starts to change the history. Most begging prayers that we hear in our churches are a tragic failure, they are cramped, blurry, indecisive and pathetic. People rarely pray believing that the prayer changes the world. I want this article to encourage you to believe in the power of the prayer. I want us all to raise and change the history of our Croatia by prayers, to save and protect her from all the evil that lurks upon her and tries to destroy her!

Dear brother or sister, if you love God and love your country, I encourage you today to get involved in this great action of praying for our Croatia. Raise your families to pray – in the evening – 10 minutes at least (suggestion: you can pray the Rosary of Our Lady or Divine Mercy Rosary with the intention to save Croatia). Priests, raise your parishes to pray. I call you to raise all prayer groups in Croatia, to pull ranks and pray for our country! I call all Christians to encourage the people of good will they work with to pray for Croatia.  We need to gather as much people as we can and praying give God as large space as we possibly can – to intervene in our society with His almighty power and liberate and heal it! Brethren, organize yourselves and gather to pray. Cry out with all your hearts for spiritual and material restoration of our country. Pray: „Blood of Christ, winner of evil spirits, save Croatia (10 to 20 times). If we succeed in mobilizing large number of people who will pray long and presistently enough for their country, our Croatia will experience a wonderful restoration! We can be sure of that! But are we ready to pay the price? To be the prayer fighters and this means to be the associates of God for the salvation of our homeland? I pray from all my heart for us to be ready! Let's move people, bring back prayers into our homes, our families and God will answer!