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There is much debate on the question of LIBERATION FROM THE CURSE and a lot of people find themselves confused because some priests say that there is a curse and others deny it. Which attitude should the faithful follow? I bring here some explanations and I encourage every one to think about it for themselves and come to his/her decision accordingly!

This topic leads us through the Commandments and we can look at our life in the light of the God's word. Only then can we percieve how disobedience to the Commandments opens the door to the curse. We have seen people, only when they were taught these things – understood the roots of their problems and troubles. When they repented, they could receive the liberation and the process of their healing in all areas of their lives started. When I was on my 4th year preparing to become a priest, I have personally experienced a wonderful liberation through this prayer of liberation from the curse together with my family. Numerous priests, nuns and thousands of other people have experienced this too in order to testify great changes that happened in their lives after they have learnt about this subject and said the prayer for the liberation!


1. If the curse is deleted by baptism, why does it exsist still nowadays?

The faithful today are confused by the interpretation that „there is no curse“, that this word should not be used in the religious speech. Some priests think „that the curse is deleted by baptism!“. Let us assume this is true. Then a question sticks out: „if the curse is deleted by baptism, why people nowadays still carry it, feel it and groan under its burden? And it goes on like this until they are freed by faith and prayer. It is an undisputable fact that a child is freed by a valid baptism from original sin and every other sin too, as well as the curse too! But what happens to those who came to baptize a child only by custom and not because of faith? Or what if, the causes that led to the curse were not removed by the baptism?? Then the curse comes back to the people again. According to those who represent the theory that people are freed of the curse by baptism and that it does not exist any more, they do not allow any prayers for deliverance. However, the practice shows something entirely different.


2. The next question is: „If the curse is removed by the baptism, because Christ redeemed us: what then with diseases? What with sins? What with poverty?“ We know that Jesus on the cross did not redeem us only from the curse, but from sins, poverty and sickness too, and from death itself. He took all of this on the cross. And if we are freed from the sin by baptism, why do people make mistakes again? If we are freed from sickness, why are people sick again? If we are freed from curse by birth, why do we see people struggling with the same problem? Of course, Christ delivered us, but, it is important to bring the man to faith – so he can take up with faith  the blessing that belongs to him as a child of God. Everything belongs to him by baptism, but it is possible that people live in infidelity and are not baptized by their own right!


3. It should not be forgotten: if the Covenant with Abraham and Moses was the Covenant to life and death, how much holier is the covenant in Jesus' blood. And if the people were punished for the violation of that Covenant, it is sure that – if a man despises this New Covenant – it leads to heavy consequences in his life!! It is not enough only to be baptised!! It is necessary to life one's faith (which is to say to live faithfully one's baptismal Covenant with God)!! If a man violates it, he bears the consequences!!


An example: I would like to give you a typical exaple of the curse. A single mother describes how her husband and his three brothers died of vascular diseases and her great grandfather, who practised withcraft, died falling down from the church tower. Her uncle was slaughtered in war when he was 21 years old, her cousin comitted a suicide when he was 21 too. Her sister died in a car accident at the age of 21, her son had a serious car accident at the age of 21 and so did her daughter. They have survived by a miracle. Her daughter was studying at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus on Jordanovac, Zagreb. Her uncle, mother and grandfather died of bleeding in the brain. Their family house and everything in it were destroyed by a big fire that happened on the exact day of her mother's funeral. She herself had serious problems with her marriage and had three miscarriages (all male babies). A lot of similar examples were described in Rhema or on the DVDs with this subject.


5. It is important to understand this: when people have such problems, it does not mean they are CURSED, but that they are under an influence of a strong evil force that destroys their life and brings evil. We never say that EVERY ILLNESS OR HEREDITARY DISEASE are the sign that people are cursed. We do not say that the ACCIDENTS that happen to them are the sign they are cursed. NO!!! DEFINITELY NOT!!! But IT CAN MEAN THAT THEY ARE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF A CURSELY FORCE!! A lot of people are today under the influence of magic and withcraft forces too. We want to draw people's attention to this – so they can thus analize their life and compare it with the Commandments. If there is something of the causes present in their lives, we lead them step by step all the way to the deliverance and liberation. Our experience showed that they can be GOOD PEOPLE, even VERY DEVOUT, and yet can be under the influence of this negative and destructive force! How long? Until a man recognizes his problem and causes and is delivered!!


We pray for those and similar cases I have given here and people experience their liberation, tie themselves to Jesus, start to practise the sacraments and everything changes in their lives. Their whole life, and their whole life get well and experience a wonderful restoration!! On the contrary, when priests do not admit the existence of a curse, they do not help, nor free but only refuse people. Those christians, catholocs, REGULARLY go to Hodja or to witchcrafters or to other occult practices and ask for help there. Thus, their state becomes even worse. The priests who do not know this matter even more remove the people from God instead of saving the God's people and, throught their evil and their problems, bring them to Christ and faith.

The conclusion: WE DO NOT PREACH THE CURSE (then we would not be the evangelizers of the Good news), nor we say THAT PEOPLE ARE CURSED! We say that people can be UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF THE CURSE!! And what is the most important: WE PREACH THE GOOD NEWS – THE DELIVERANCE FROM THE CURSE!! This is the accent of our Sermons! We bring the people to establish a diagnosis in their lives (according to the above mentioned symptoms). If only one of those signs is present in someone's life, it does not mean that the curse is present in his/her life, but if there are more signs, the person should question himself/herself and see what is the matter. Then we lead the person towards the cause – according to the Commandments the person can recognize: is the curse present in his/her life or not. If the curse is present, we lead the person to repent, we pray for him/her and a wonderful deliverance happens. If the curse is not present, we still pray for him/her – the prayer cannot do any harm, it can only help!! We never say to the people that they are cursed!! Thus, we preach the Good News, THE DELIVERANCE FROM CURSE, and not the CURSE – to intimidate the people.

I deeple believe that, besides the theory, the pracsis has – not only the right to talk about this matter, but to give a valuable contribution to solving this problem too.

13 Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us--for it is written, "Cursed be every one who hangs on a tree" -- 14 that in Christ Jesus the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles, that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith. 15 (Galathians 3, 13-15)

That wonderful blessing belongs to the children of God. Let not the Devil to fool and rob us. Let us open with faith and enter the blessings that our heavenly Father prepared for us in His love.