How to win in the spiritual warfare?


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A lot of readers might ask: „What is the spiritual warfare?“ As the name itself says: here is not the case of physical warfare in which people use physical weapons. Here is the case of spiritual war. It is the spiritual area. The enemy we fight against is Satan and the weapons that are effective in the fight against him is – spiritual. In order to be victorious in this war – God has given all means needed, the weapons we need to learn to use.

If you have experienced fights, anger, discord, hatred, trials, misfortunes, doubts, anxieties, dispiritedness, a situation when everything inside of you says that it makes no sense to fight, that you are a looser and that everything in your life will fall down – then you know what a spiritual war is. It is exactly the way that the Devil attacks us with his poisonous arrows in order to break and defeat you! If you have been anxious and defeated until now, the message of this article will help you to win in the future fight!


The Christian is the Satan's enemy.

You have to be aware that the Christian is the Satan's enemy! The Satan wants to defeat the Christian. He wants to keep him far away from the truth because he knows that the truth will „set you free“.

The first place the Satan hits when he attacks is your mind and your thoughts! A lot of Christians do not understand this so they protect their mind poorly. They watch all sorts of movies through which they let in themselves a lot of violence, crime, dirt, atheism, immoral and infidelity. Then they read all kinds of newspapers with a lot of gossips, watch pornographic images, etc and these thoughts strongly influence their lives. The thoughts you carry in yourself create attitudes and mentality. What are your thoughts, so you will be your life. If your thoughts are positive, your life will be positive. When a person is full of bad thoughts, he/she is depressed and spreads his/her bad mood very quickly to the people around. Thus a lot of people live in a chaos – because their mind is in a chaos!

David's experience

When David committed adultery with Bat Sheba, he allowed the thoughts of lust that previously came to his mind, to remain in his mind instead of discarding them immediately. Those thoughts have led him to wrong actions and he first committed adultery with that woman, and then he killed her husband. Instructed by this negative experience, humiliated and broken because he departed from God, David brings a decision: „I shall not place evil (impure) things in front of my eyes! The evil I will not know of!“ In other words, it is better for you that your mind is occupied with positive thoughts because they strongly influence your life and actions!

How to win the Satan's attck??

When the Satan attacks, the first place he hits is your mind! How to defend oneself?

We find the answer in Odgovor nalazimo u 2 Corinthians 10,4-5:

4 for the weapons of our warfare are not worldly but have divine power to destroy strongholds. 5 We destroy arguments and every proud obstacle to the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ.“

1. The case here is about warfare!! The area of our thoughts is a battleground! The warfare happens first in our mind before it crosses over to other areas.

2. The weapons we have been given from God for our warfare are not of body, but divinely powerful – capable of destroying the forts!!

3. The negative thoughts that Satan puts in our minds are his forts!! Realize this: the evil thoughts are from the Devil! The Bible says that we demolish Satan's forts and destroy his evil thoughts that create wrong and wrongful thinking and lead us to defeat!



A bedridden woman

A woman due to her heavy illness has been bedridden for several years. Since she was a good christian, she was disappointed because God has let this illness onto her and thus made her incapable of life and serving. A lot of people have tried to pray for her recovery but it did not help! Why couldn't she receive relief and recovery through prayer? All the time a wrong thought captured her – the Devil convinced her that this illness comes from God and that it is God's will that she suffers. This was the fort in her mind that tied her to bed and made her incapable of receiving divinela healing. She thought: „if this illness comes from God, why would He heal me!“ When she, enlightened by God's word, realized thet God does not give illnesses, but that Jesus, on His cross, redeemed us from illnesses, in order to give us His health, she was ready to receive the healing. They have demolished that fort, which is to say a false thought by which the Devil made her incapable of being healed and after 3 months of prayers she was completely recovered! But the Devil does not give up easily! When she recovered, after some time the Devil tried to place the illness onto her again! This time she was strong in God and she readily defied the Devil! When the Devil would attack her with thoughts that the illness will come back, she would always answer: „I refuse these thought, I tie them with Jesus' blood and I cancel their effect on my life! I break their strength and in Jesus' name I throw them out! Jesus delivered me. I have Jesus' health and that illness cannot be held in my body!“ This is the way she learnt through her experience to fight against the devil thoughts and forts and win against them!

A lot of you who are reading this article now are trapped in your minds by some negative thought! That thought brings fear into your heart! These are only a few thoughts that the Devil tries to put in your mind in order to torture and defeat you: „You are not good! Something bad will happen to you! Your family will fall apart! Your spouse in not faithful to you! Your children will sink into evil, drugs and immorality. You will never succeed in life. Nobody loves you. You will never be happy. God has left you. You will never get well again. It is better that you are dead. Your life does not have any sense. You are incapable and unseccessful! All will end bad!“. And if you accept these thoughts and start to pronounce out loud these lies the Devil attacks you with, that will bring defeat in your life, suffering and misfortunes! The Bible says: „Capture any such thought – with Jesus' blood and in Jesus' name throw it in hell and bring your thoughts into obedience to Jesus! How?? By pronouncing God's words!

God's words are liberating and they fulfill you with peace, faith, happiness and encouragement, and satanic thoughts bring fear, restlessness, doubt and anxiety. If you accept God's words and repeat them faithfully out loud, they will bring peace to your heart. Take the Bible and look inside it. Those are God's words!! Replace every thought that the Devil gives to you by one God's thought! Remember, the Devil is a liar and father of lies and he cannot tell the truth. If you believe differently than the Devil told you, you will know the truth then!


How to replace satan's thoughts by God's words

- If the Devil tells you are not saved, replace this with those words that are in the Bible: Ako ti đavao kaže da nisi spašen, zamijeni to sa onim što piše u Bibliji: "Those who received Him (Jesus), he gave power to become children of God!!“ Proclaim this with courage – and the lie will go away!

- If he tells you that you will die soon and leave your family, pronounce loudly the words from Psalm 91: „With long life I will satisfy him, and show him my salvation.“ Or from Psalm 118: „I shall not die, but I shall live, and recount the deeds of the LORD.“

- If the Devil tells you will never heal, pronounce this courageously and happily: „By Jesus' wounds I am healed!“ 2 Pet 2,24

- If somebody tells you have deeply offended God and that God would not forgive you, you say: „If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just, and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.“ 1 John 1,9

- If a thought comes to you that you are dismissed, that nobody loves you and that you are useless in this world, then you pronounce these words: If my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me. He carved me in His hands. I am precious to God and He loves me. He has a wonderful plan with my life! "

It is so important that you learn to get out the word of God from its scabbard in all circumstances of your life and to pronounce it loudly! Your mind is a battleground. Thanks to God, you have now learnt how to fight the negative thoughts. God has given us the weapons with which we will defy the Satan! Those weapons are divinely strong to demolish satanic forts! Those weapons are: God's word, Jesus' blood and Jesus' name. But remember – you are fighting! You bring down wrong thoughts! You, and not Gos! He had given you His weapons and through them – His victory! But He cannot do your part of the job! When you use these weapons and do your part, then all the Heaven comes to help you! God is on your side!

What we need to be the winners in life is: to allow the Holy Ghost to lead us through life. And this will happen if we renew our mind through the God's word. When you renew your mind through God's word, your thoughts will agree with the spirit instead with the body and those two: your spirit that works on your mind – will manage your body, which is to say your life! When your mind will be filled with God's word, you will have God's mentality, think in God's way and then the Holy Spirit will be able to lead you, give you advice and useful information. It will have a strong influence on you and you will have a blessed life! I wish this to you with all my heart!